Angola: Get Up and Go

‘I was born in the year of independence, and thereby in the year that Angola’s Civil War also began. I witnessed friends unexpectedly disappear, people die in abominable conditions, inhuman situations, because war leads to all kinds of evils: hunger, poverty, disorder, dishonesty, a breakup of family unity…’
Domingos das Neves, a young lawyer, lost his parents and brother in the war. His generation is barely beginning to learn to live in peace. Even children on the streets of Luanda continue to draw pictures of battles and play war games.
“Angola: Get Up And Go” is a film that tells the story about this south African country, from colonial rule, through independence in 1975, to the drama of a twenty-seven year long civil war, between the government MPLA soldiers and UNITA guerrilla force. According to estimates at least half-a-million Angolans were killed during that war and at four million become refugees. Local bishops, missionaries, historians, politicians – on both sides of the conflict – as well as lay catechists, working in the countries interior, talk in the film about the persecution of Christians and the difficulties of practicing the faith in the consequence of a war and a communist government.

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