Ethiopia – From Every Clan (segment)

Some 10 years ago a missionary priest arrived to the Dassanech people, called to serve the forgotten and marginalized lower-south Omo pastoralists. The Dassanech - “people of the Delta” - are predominantly agro-pastoralists cultivating crops and livestock on the northern shore of Lake Turkana and the flooded banks of the Omo river bordering Ethiopia and Kenya. Comprised of approximately eight clans, the Dassanech are surrounded by a number of ethnic groups: the Turkana, Mynamy, Gabra, Nyangatom and Hamar. Inter-tribal violence was a way of life with injury and death almost a weekly reality. Drawn to bring an end to the violence, over time he helped the tribes, who historically worshipped the river, snakes, trees and scorpions, to understand the love of God, the need for peace and reconciliation. This is the story of Fr. Goesh Abraha and the Dassanech people.
This video is only a 10-minute-segment of our production.

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