Belarus: Seed Among the Thorns

Belarus, like all other former Soviet republics, suffered for decades under the bondage of brutal communist rulers such as Lenin, Stalin and other Soviet leaders. The persecution of dissenters affected all, especially Christians. The exercise of Christian worship was restricted. People were afraid of being arrested for practicing their faith. The Church was violently persecuted until Stalin’s death in 1953. Many Church buildings were either closed or demolished, the celebration of Mass was banned even catechisation was forbidden. The faith survived thanks to the passing down of traditional family values, as well as thanks to the underground activities of the clergy and the laity, who were prepared to risk their lives and their liberty. Four witnesses of the faith: Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz the Archbishop of Minsk; Aleksander Kaszkiewicz the Bishop of Grodno; Władysław Blin the Bishop of Vitebsk and Antoni Dziemianko the Bishop of Pinsk, tell their story.

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