Zambia: Preachers of the Road – TRAILER

This is the 1-minute-trailer to our documentary
Zambia: Preachers of the Road
Dur: 26:45
Prod: 2019
“The Catholic community in the country has been plunged into mourning after another priest died in a car crash on Tuesday morning. Father Moses Nkhoma died yesterday around 8 o’clock when his car overturned after he lost control of the vehicle.” Radio news announcement

In the hinterlands of Zambia, the vast distances and scattered nature of the villages means that priests and religious sisters have to travel great distances across rugged terrain to reach and minister to the faithful. It is not without risk. Injury and death are all too common. Not only is a safe means of transportation necessary but the maintenance of these vehicles is a constant worry and cost. Preachers of the Road looks behind the scenes of missionary activity to those mechanics – themselves priests and missionaries - who serve in maintaining the jeeps and boats to enable the word of God to reach and give hope to the isolated faithful.

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