India ONE

September 2018 marks 10 years since a wave of communal violence that left 100 Christians dead and thousands displaced in the rural district of Kandhamal in Orissa, India. According to the Indian Centre for Equity Studies, approximately 2000 Christians were obliged to abandon their faith and forced to drink cow urine as a sign of purification. The attacks at Kandhamal reflect an ongoing wave of intolerance and sporadic violence that Christians continue to suffer at the hands of nationalist Hindus. The singling out of Christians from purely a statistical consideration appears counterintuitive: Nearly 80% of India’s population of 1.3 billion are Hindu. Only 2% - or about 30 million - is Christian. The reason for the persecution of Christians lies deeper, in India’s social construct - the caste system - and that of these 30 million Christians, around 60% of these are Dalits or “Untouchables”. This documentary considers the challenges facing Christians in India particularly in the face of increasing discrimination and persecution from Hindu nationalists.

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