In the Heart of Bolivia (segment)

“Indeed there are dangers, and we have to be very careful and cautious; apply all the essential security precautions. Before the sister’s arrival Pisiga was a no man’s land; many Colombian women were sexually exploited. They had no place to go! And that cry for help, of pain, of despair, of loneliness, are the reasons why this home is here.” Sr. Fanny Lupa Chacón FDC, ‘Being at the Border’ Mission House

Bolivia is a unique territory in its contrasts, both geographical and cultural. From ancestral customs, and a Jesuit missionary legacy, to the complex political and social challenges of today the society is a mixture of jubilant customs, rites, and a resilient faith that shapes the people. Although in recent years Bolivia ranks amongst the regions fastest growing economies, the reality is that far from the large urban centres development is negligible. As if frozen in time, the landscape of the rural areas reveals the isolated reality of its inhabitants. Economic difficulties abound, education, employment and training opportunities remain scarce. The consequence is migration - mainly to Argentina, Chile, and Brazil and recently to the United States and Europe. In this context the local Church dedicates itself to serving the poor. This documentary delves into the history, culture and influences that make up modern Bolivia - and the Church that stands at the side of its most marginalised.

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