Brazil: Halleluya backstage

“Before Halleluya began was a show called Fortal visited by nearly a million people. It took place near the beach on Fortaleza’s main thoroughfare. It was broadcast on television and on radio. We began to worry. It was then that an idea struck us, that on the same day as the Fortal show, we should organise a festival of Christian music - to evangelise.”
Moysés Louro de Azevedo Filho (Founder, Shalom Community)

The Shalom Catholic Community, a Catholic lay initiative founded by Moyses Louro de Azevedo Filho, understood that a Christian counterbalance was required to the secular and increasingly hedonistic Brazilian Carnivals such as Fortaleza’s “Fortal” dominated by alcohol, drug abuse, prostitution, promiscuity and violence. To this end, Shalom organised the five-day Alleluia Festival featuring Christian music, shows, catechesis, worship, adoration and confession around the clock. Little by little the Alleluia Festival has gained favor among the young. Whereas the city in 2010 recorded only about 200,000 participants at its Carnival, the Shalom Community received over 650,000 visitors. The film considers the Alleluia Festival and the impact on the young.

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