Jun 12

Celebration of Pentecost in Jerusalem

A crowd of pilgrims and local Christians met in Jerusalem on Sunday 9 June to celebrate Pentecost, the solemnity commemorating the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, the gift of the Risen One, and the birth of the Church.
There are many significant events that characterised it.

Among the celebrations that opened the solemnity of Pentecost, a holy mass was celebrated on the evening of Eve at the Hermitage of Gethsemane. In the cave at the foot of the Mount of Olives, the focus was on the liturgy of the Word: numerous readings were proclaimed in different languages. The reference is to the passage in the Acts of the Apostles which reads that the Apostles, after the descent of the Holy Spirit, began to speak in languages other than their own, so that each people understood their words.


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