Jun 10

That social networks serve to unite us, not to isolate us

Social networks are an opportunity to foster encounters with others, but they can also enhance our self-isolation, like a web that traps. The official spokesperson of the local diocese, Felipe Gutiérrez Rosales, said so. He praised the 53rd World Day of Social Communications, with its headquarters in Panama, which took place yesterday, in the framework of the solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord.

He commented that Pope Francis, in his message, referred that “we are members of one another”; and he invited us to reflect on the challenges of the current communicative context, and the longing of the human being who does not want to remain in his own solitude.

The World Communications Day has been celebrated in the Church since 1967; it was instituted by St. Paul VI by the express will of the Second Vatican Council and by means of the Decree ‘Inter Mirifica’, on the means of social communication.

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