“Kashmir: missionaries of the lost paradise”

"Since the partition of India and the creation of Pakistan in 1947, the Catholic Church established missions along the line which separates the Indian Kashmir and Kashmir controlled by Pakistan. Bishop Peter Celestine, the Bishop of the Kasmir is in charge of a minority community, 10,000 believers, mostly civils servant and their families in a population of 10 Million inhabitants. But Kashmir, formerly the summer residences of the Indian aristocracy over 60 years has become a theatre of a war which has pitted Muslims against Hindu - partisans of autonomy and their opponents. In this context, Bishop Peter Celestine tries to establish an ntere-religious dialogue. For this action it obtained the Gandhi Price for Peace. He is the only Catholic in India to have obtained this distinction. This film follows the traces of these missionaries, how they are presented, and shows us the political role and the social action which they have brought to bear in view of the absence of State in the social field. "

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