The Da Vinci Code – A Masterful Deception

"In 2003, Doubleday published a novel entitled ""The Da Vinci Code"" by Dan Brown. A year and a half later, it sold more than six million copies. And in May 2006, Sony pictures will bring the novel to the silver screen. Indeed, the “Da Vinci Code” has captured the world's attention. What makes this story so attractive? Surely it's the intrigue, secrecy, conspiracy. And certainly the novel challenges the history of the Catholic Church. It boldly begs the questions: Did Leonardo Da Vinci use his art to convey secrets about the Holy Grail? Do the Gospels tell the truth about Jesus’ life? Were Jesus & Mary Magdalene lovers? In this documentary, we talk to Vatican officials, historians, and experts in art and Church history about the work of fiction, which has taken the world by storm. "

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