In the Name of Jesus

"Episode 1 – THE FIRST CHRISTIANS' ADVENTURES Jerusalem, 30 A.D. – on the day of the Pentecost Thirty years have passed since the resurrection of Jesus. Stephan is freed from prison and meets an other disciple, John. All disciples reunite to replace Judas, Mathew is chosen. In heaven there appears a wonderful fire, and Peters calls all the inhabitants of Jerusalem to embrace the faith of Christ. Episode 2 – SANHEDRIN'S FURY 31 A.D. - Peter continues to preach the word of Jesus, carries out the miracles, heals children, and restores to a cripple the ability to walk. A farmer and his wife then try to convert to Christianity for a matter of convenience, but die, alerting Peter to the reasons for their conversion. Saul – a Hebron from Jerusalem – accuses his disciples of blasphemy and has them arrested. But the Lord frees them, and they go to pray before the temple. They next go before Sanhedrin, proclaiming their faith. So as not to make martyrs of them, Sanhedrin decides to free them, on the condition that they no longer preach the name of Jesus. Episode 3 – STONES AND BLOOD: STEPHEN AND SAUL Peter asks of all the Christians that seven men be nominated to see to the needs of the community. On them he places his hands, infusing their hearts with the Holy Spirit. Stephen is then captured for blasphemy. He defends himself, proclaiming his faith, and is then stoned to death. All Christians are promptly denounced as blasphemers, and are forced to flee. In the year of 37 A.D., Saul follows them to a Syrian city, but on route to Domascus, the Lord appears to him, converting him. He then takes the name of Paul. Episode 4 – PETER:THE FIRST APOSTLE The Christians are now great in numbers. The priests of Jerusalem grow quite worried. Paul takes refuge in Tarsus, his childhood city. Peter runs to the bedside of his dying disciple, Tabitha. He reaches her after she has already died, but then revives her. Cornelius, a Roman Centurion, summons him that he might speak with other Romans. King Herod, to please the Roman Emperor, Caligula, decides to eliminate all Christians. The first to be decapitated is James. Peter, too, is captured, but is freed by an angel of the Lord. Right in the moment of his triumph, Herod is then blinded by the Lord for his sins. Episode 5 – PAUL THE MISSIONARY 43 A.D. - The Hebrons attempt to convince the Romans to persecute Paul and the Christians. A sorcerer is then blinded by Paul for his sins. Paul, Barnabas and John set out to make their return to Jerusalem. Along the way, however, they are forced to flee the cities of Slamina, Listra and Derbe, where they try to stop off. They at last reach Antioch where they persevere in announcing the reign of God, founding communities of Christians in many cities of Asia Minor. Episode 6 – SALVATION IN CHRIST FOR ALL 45 and 48 A.D. As Paul and Barnabas are about to reach Jerusalem, they are blocked by the Romans. A merchant bearing arms for sale – then prohibited items – is arrested. Paul and Barnabas stop off at Simonides. They then continue toward Jerusalem and reunite with Peter. Some Christians feel there is no need to unite with uncircumcised pagans, but the voice of Peter prevails, referencing to the word of Jesus. It is so decided that all will be baptized. Episode 7– IF WE DIDN'T HAVE LOVE 45 and 48 A.D. Paul and Sila, in one of the numerous cities of Asia Minor governed by the Romans, are imprisoned for acting against the Roman State. Freed by the Lord, they head toward Anipli and Tessalonica. Bartholomew and Thomas also continue their journey, from what it appears, these two would later die as martyrs in India. Peter reaches Rome. The disciples die as martyrs one by one, preaching the word of Jesus, in the most remote lands of the known world. The Christians grow in numbers each day and in every part. In 50 A.D., Paul goes to Athens, but few listen to him, thus he goes to Corinth. The house where he stays, however, is burned and some of his disciples wish to take up arms against those responsible for the blaze. But Paul has them uphold the teachings of Jesus not to react to violence with violence... The Christians continue to multiply in Corinth, and the heads of Israel wish to kick them out of the cities, asking the Romans for help, but without success. Paul, after two years, sets out for sixteen years of apostolic travel. He is joined by Luke, a converted pagan, who will be the author of the third Gospel and the acts of the Apostles. In 60 A.D., Paul, reaches Rome, as a Roman citizen since his birth, he is there again accused for anti-Roman activities, and asks that he be judged by the emperor in person. Episode 8 – A FIRE FOR NERO Too, the Jewish communities in Rome reject and push back the teachings of Paul. Paul remains in Rome for years, in the company of Peter. In the end, he is tried before a Roman court that recognizes his righteousness and declares him free. In 64 A.D. Rome is burned. Tigellinus suggests that Nero hold Paul and the Christians responsible for the blaze. Episode 9 – QUO VADIS? Rome is devastated, many Christians are accused of starting the fire and for showing contempt towards the Romans. They are to be fed to the lions. In 67 A.D. Paul is decapitated. Peter continues his apostleship in Rome. One day, while he sets out to find some Christians, Jesus appears to him, instructing him to return to Rome. There Peter is crucified in the same year as Paul's execution. Episode 10 – THE BREAD, THE WINE AND THE BLOOD Years pass as Rome regains some of its ancient splendor, emperor

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