May 30

SPEC – Start Online Radio Experience

Supported by the Facebook Live tool and welcoming the invitation of Pope Francis to “open the doors of the churches to the digital world so that people can enter into any condition of life in which they find themselves, so that the Gospel can cross the threshold of the temple and go out to meet everyone”, the Permanent Secretariat of the Colombian Episcopate (SPEC) presents a new formative and informative space.

The initiative contemplates the development of programs in radio format with the participation of the directors and work teams of the Departments and Pastoral Centers of the SPEC, in addition to the intervention of professionals in different areas.
Under the premises “The economy is an instrument of the missionary action of the Church” and “humanize the administration and economy to make solidarity and efficiency compatible” (Pope Francisco), the space presented by the Financial Director of the Episcopal Conference of Colombia (CEC), Monsignor Juan Carlos Ramírez, will allow to know the implications of this science in the pastoral and evangelizer action.


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