Vera Korneyeva. Story of hope and love

"The heroine of this film, Vera Korneyeva is one of those, who managed to keep the fire of faith burning during the years of persecution, when it could cost freedom and even life. In every aspect of her spiritual and family life she confided in God and was guided by directions, her spiritual father was giving her. Vera was a member of the secret parish. For several years its members were hiding their prior – Father Iyeraks Bocharov, from the authorities. Yet, finally Father Iyeraks, as well as many other members of the community, were arrested. Soon after Vera too was arrested, imprisoned and sent to the “eternal exile” in one of the most remote corners of the Soviet Union. Vera managed to survive these terrible trials, even in the most difficult moments bringing the light of her faith to those around her, and keeping hope despite everything. As a basis for this film Vera’s voice and narration of her life are used as a living testimony of these events. Pictures from her family album, archival newsreels, action and location shootings as well as animations are also used. The film ends with the words of forgiveness, love and hope, addressed even to those, who sent Vera Kor-neyeva to the Calvary of prison camps and exiles. "

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