Journey of Light

"JOURNEY OF LIGHT A young Canadian Catholic sets out with her television crew to the Holy Land. She has ten days to visit the most significant places of Christ’s life, and to meet the people there. Her mission is to produce a documentary that would encourage Christian pilgrimage to the Holy Land. But her personal desire is to see God’s face in the very place he walked as a man, in Jesus Christ. In his footsteps she follows, always seeing before her the trail of his light.
Her faith allows her to experience the mysterious reality of the Holy Land. To this mystery, she opens her heart, and finds that everyplace breathes a vivid memory, and every fact she encounters speaks a powerful message. Bethlehem and Nazareth introduce her to the child Jesus that they knew, and lead her to experience the hope in all the children there. The Sea of Galilee speaks of the love of God and how this love is carried by all who live by faith. Jerusalem cries to her of the intense pain and suffering of Christ and the people of this land, but ultimately of hope and the triumph of love over death. This young woman undergoes a profound experience of god in Emmaus, where Christ walked with his disciples after he rose from the dead.
Her discovery of God, in the end, marks for her a new beginning. All because she followed the light of her faith that led her home, to the Holy Land. "

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