Corps de Lumiere

"The documentary interrogates and answers the question of the meaning of the body: the body is the place where passions rise. The film unwinds itself through the contrast between a man who seeks the pleasure of the moment and a man who searches for where his desires and passions should be placed in his life. The viewer experiences the gap separating the world of void, which ends up in a narcissist desire for pleasure, from Jesus Christ where one arrives when one opens himself to the mystery of His passion. On one side there is the desire that hurls just on the object without seeing its deepness, and on the other side, when taking some distance, one can discover deeply the mystery of friendship, the example used in the program. To discover a friend takes time and is not only aimed at one’s self-satisfaction. In the Eucharist, Christ gives Himself to nourish us with eternal food. Through that he shows that the body is sacred. It is God’s creation and at God’s image. The one, who instead of losing himself in momentary pleasures abandons himself to grace, lets the Risen Christ grow within himself. Therefore the breath of the spirit changes the anonymous body of the species to a body of a person in celebration of the creation. This is the transformation of a body of death to a body of light and glory, of Christ’s light and glory. "

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