1531 The story that is not finished yet.

Told by the persons who lived through these wondrous events, the story tells us about the apparitions of the Virgin of Guadalupe in Mexico in 1531 and how the Heavenly Lady miraculously left her image imprinted on the tilma of a newly conquered native. In that image, the Aztecs discover a message of love and reassurance in a codex that speaks volumes about their history, their past and their future; a codex that contains a promise of eternity along with love and reassurance for all those who visit Her at her Sacred Little Home on Tepeyac Mount. To look at that image while knowing what really happened in 1531 is equal to the sudden realization that life is a miracle, that God is the greatest mystery there is and that nothing ever happens by chance. A film that goes beyond reason in order to reach the deepest fibers in the viewer’s heart.

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