Oct 19

“Converso:” The documentary of an agnostic director whose family converts to Catholicism

An agnostic man, coming from an agnostic family, discovers that little by little, his loved ones have changed and converted to Catholicism.

This is the story line of the documentary “Converso,” which means to convert. It is a documentary in which a series of questions arise in an agnostic man, who wants to stop feeling like a stranger amongst his own family. Thus, he tries to understand the process of conversion that is occurring in his own home.

Director, “Converso”

“Much of the film arises from the need to understand what was happening to them, and the pain of not being a part of what was happening. The film, in that sense, has greatly helped heal our conversations about what we were experiencing.”

The title, “Converso,” comes from the Spanish verb “conversar,” which means to “have a talk.” Filmmaker David Arratibel needed these conversations with his family to happen in front of the camera. When they finally took place, they came naturally, and sent a very powerful message.

Source: Rome Reports

Converso Official Website (English subtitles available)