You die as you lived

Two part documentary about a Rotterdam hospice. Laurens Cadenza, the largest hospice in the Netherlands opened its doors in October 2008. Located in Rotterdam the hospice offers 18 beds to the terminally ill. 200 patients a year come here to die. Elly de Bont, director of Kruispunt, spent a year at the hospice filming six residents. During the last days of their lives they show themselves at their most vulnerable. Mrs. Onneweer, for instance, is clearly not afraid to die. "I'll be delighted when my time comes," she says, laughing. "I am ready, so why postpone it?" The hospice intends to make the process of dying as dignified and comfortable as possible, and not only with medication. Mrs Groen, for example, is very fussy about her appearance and would love a fresh perm. A few weeks before her death, Diana takes care of her request. Afterwards Mrs. Groen is exhausted and lies in bed sighing, "I'm tired", while Diana jokes "You may be tired, but you look very pretty."

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