The Legend of the Candy Cane

"The cartoon leads us into the story of a little orphan boy, Matt, accompanied by a man of great hart, John, who have gone West in their little carriage.
They decide to settle in a small and isolated western village called West Stage. The story shows very sweetly how their lives and those of the inhabitants of West Stage are going to change. The little boy is going to find a friend of his age, Lucy, John is going to help a widower and a neighborly young-women realize they love each other. It is therefor possible for the young couple to adopt the little orphan, whose friend is actually the widower’s daughter.
When John opens a candy-store he explains the Christian meaning of the candy cane: it is Christmas time and the candy cane recalls Joseph’s cane. The cane is white and red stripped, for that, when licking, the red, symbol of sadness, is replaced by the white, recalling us that Jesus came to save us and therefor that his birth brought a new joy. The joyful reconstitution of a family is brought to a parallel with the Holy Family, since the birth of Christ brings joy to every human-being. "

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