The Fate of Anna Abrikosova

"Anna Ivanovna Abrikosova, originating from a prosperous merchant’s family, together with her husband converted to Roman Catholicism after visiting Italy. With a blessing, received from Pope Pius X, they became members of a Russian Catholic parish, established in Moscow at the beginning of the XX century. The Liturgy here was conducted by the eastern order. Anna Ivanovna felt the calling of the nunnery, and established a woman’s Dominican community, attached to the parish. For them the main goal was to revive Russian spirituality through unification with the Catholic Church. Amidst the bloody feast of the Bolshevik revolution and the civil war, arrests and executions without trial, Anna Ivanovna and her sisters gave a vow to sacrifice their lives for the sake of saving Russia. The time for trials came sooner than many expected. Arrested without any kind of evidence, members of the Abrikosov’s community spent many years in prisons and exiles, most of them were martyred, keeping their sacrificial vow. Unique materials used in the film – Anna Abrikosova’s diaries, memoirs of the sisters from her community and other prisoners allowed us to track down not only an external outline of the events, but also the spiritual track of this self-sacrificing woman. "

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