Every year, millions of tourists visit Rome, the “Eternal City”, and the remains of the ancient civilization that dominated the world for over a thousand years. But Rome is not only this. For 2 thousand years it has been the centre and guardian of a faith which, through important historical passages, has been kept alive and able to maintain its original spirit, despite the changes of its forms and manifestations.These documentaries show this aspect of Rome. They are the result of a careful research, which starting from some of the most meaningful churches of Rome also famous for their big artistical value, lead the spectator along the most salient passages of the history of Church, since the beginning up to our days, under a point of view never explored so far. In every documentary, in fact, one can seize, in its wide artistical historical and religious breath, the continuity of Faith, connected to a place but never fixed in it, which becomes from time to time a living and renewed experience. The work combines therefore Art, Culture, Faith, History and Present, and has been realized thanks to the special contribution and advice of Fr. Franco Azzalli, professor in History of the Church at the Pontificia Università Urbaniana in Rome, and Vicar General of the Congregation of the Servi di Maria. It includes many contributions and video interviews to experts like professor Franco Cardini, RAI Journalist Fabio Zavattaro, professor Romano Penna from the Università Lateranense in Rome, professor Stefan Heid from PIAC, dom. Edmund Power abbot in San Paolo Fuori le Mura, Fr. Innocenzo Gargano, prior in S.Gregorio al Celio and many other personalities of the cultural landscape both at national and international level. A special contribution has been provided by the Museo Centrale del Risorgimento and the Università La Sapienza in Rome. The series got the Imprimatur from the Vicariate of Rome

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