Paul of Tarsus

EPISODE 1 = see video link EPISODE 2 I am a Jew. We are with Paul in Jerusalem. He studies at the school of Gamaliel and becomes eager Pharisee. We can have close look at life in Jerusalem: how it was in the first century after Christ, when Paul was there, as well as how life goes on today in this holy city of monotheism. Following Paul we discover what is the core of judaism and how it shaped him before he encountered Christ. EPISODE 3 The most important meeting. Saul goes from Jerusalem to Damascus. We follow him and we try catch and understand what really happened on the road? Why after this mysterious event he turned from being persecutor of Christ’s followers to the preacher of the Gospel? In this episode we also learn the history of Damascus and see its temporary life. Then we go back with Paul to Jerusalem. He encounters Apostles and gets to know Barnabas. These are the first years of Paul as Christ’s disciple. EPISODE 4 I became everything. The followers of Christ are called “christians” for the first time in Syrian Antioch (today in Turkey). We fined Paul in this town among the community members. We also meet Peter there and get to know the life of christians in this ancient city. We have a chance to witness the beginning of the first mission of Barnabas and Paul. This is important moment - the awareness of bringing the Gospel to pagans just is being born in the Church. EPISODE 5 To the Jews and to Pagans. We start so called first missionary journey. Barnabas and Paul go the Island of Cyprus. Something significant happens there. From this time Saul takes the name Paulus - Paul and becomes the leader of the mission. Leaving Cyprus we reach the shore of southern Anatolia (Turkey). Antalya is the first town land. Then Perge, Pisidian Antioch, Iconium, Listra, Derbe. Most of this places are in ruin today. Paul was the first one who brought Christ to people living there. We also was the key figure in the conflict that immersed in the first Church communities: the relation between christians originated from judaism and from pagan beliefs. EPISODE 6 God is calling us. The second missionary journey is launched. We enter the new born church communities in Asia Minor (today in Turkey). We cross the Cilicia Gate and again visit Iconium and Listra. We discover Galatia and Ankara - temporary capitol of Turkey. Finally we have a chance to see legendary Troy. Nearby Paul decided to Macedonia. The evangelization of Europe is just to start. EPISODE 7 We entreat you not to accept the grace of God in vain. We are in Europe.Paul is one of the first missionaries in this continent. We cross ancient Macedonia, visit Philippi, Kavala, the royal tombs in Virgina, Thesssalonika and finally we reach Athens. Each place is full of ancient history of european civilization. The Word of God preached by Paul changes the course of this civilization. EPISODE 8 In the world of greek philosophy and reaches. We take a close look at the most important events of ancient Greece. Paul gets into hot discussion with greek philosophers and worshipers of false gods. The foundations of the pagan faith is shaken. But does Paul has a chance to change the ancient way of thinking in Europe? How the greek philosophy stands the challenge of the gospel? Unexpectedly the Word of God preached by Paul finds believers not in developed Athens but in licentious Corinth. EPSODE 9 Let the man be perfect. We come back to Asia Minor. Europe heard the gospel but the church grows mostly in Anatolia (east from Greece). There are still many places where the remnants of this Church can be found: Hierapolis, Pamukkale, Colossi, Ephesus, Millet. In this search we also meet St. John and Mather of Jesus. Although today the religion of Islam dominates in this land, apostolic tradition has not died. EPISODE 10 We are all winners. Ephesus - the best preserved ruins of roman city in Anatolia. In Paul’s time almost everybody worshipped here Artemis. She was one of the most strong goddess in all Asia. The Church of Ephesus grows in number. Those who make business on Artemision not happy. Great confrontation, involving all citizens, takes place in theatre. Paul has to run away. But he never stops preaching and sharing both to jews and pagans in spite of persecutions and rejection. Christ must be the winner. EPISODE 11 Jew - Roman - Christian. Slowly we come to final stage of Paul’s life. He returns to Jerusalem. The jews who were after him recognize him. Paul is brought to the court. Thus his long journey to Rome starts. Being the prisoner he still gives witness to the gospel. He is the jew. He is roman citizen. But above all he is christian. EPISODE 12 They will listen. From Caesarea Martima in Palestine we sail to Crete and then to Malta. The history of this little island is very interesting. Paul as if by accident brings there the gospel. The seed he saw brings fruit till today. From Malta we go with Paul to Rome. This is the last known stage of his journey. As a prisoner he spend some time in the greatest city of the empire. He shares good news with jews living in Rome. But the Church already crossed the frame of jewish tradition where she was born. The gospel finds listeners among all nations. Paul is freed. Perhaps he goes as far as Spain but Luke who fallowed him so fatefully does not record this journey. Finally Paul is found again in Rome. He is caught and sentenced to death for his faith in Christ.

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