Miracles: In the Name of the Virgin: A Look at Pilgrimages and Christian Spirituality

"Miracles: In the Name of the Virgin is a film series by independent producer Charles de Lartigue that takes a look at pilgrimages through the character of Mary, her history, her apparitions and her sanctuaries in Fatima, Lourdes, Guadalupe or Josna Gora. The journey of the series is fuelled by the question: what is a miracle? Through visiting the sanctuaries, interviews with bishops, clergy men, priests, pilgrims, etc... and following the quest of many pilgrims themselves, these films speak of “miracles,”, every time God has given a sign by modifying the natural order, one way or the other. In order to get a glimpse of the phenomenon of apparition, we must first find a life, an embodiment, a history for Mary. These films seek to understand how her portrait has taken form. How has her cult come into existence? In fact, on what ground does the cult of the Virgin reside? What is her role aside from her apparitions? In fact why does she appear after her death? The films also evoke the drama of pilgrimages as the faithful who travel to a site they consider sacred in order to pray. Peregrination, which reconciles body and soul, becomes a period of transformation for the pilgrim, a time to take stock of his interior state in order to place himself before God. Many come seeking a cure, others absolution for a sin committed, for yet others it’s a spiritual quest, ultimately in search of God. "

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