Marys House – All Are Invited

"This documentary is like a travelogue to the Biblical City of Ephesus where it is said that Our Lady spent the last nine years of her life before she was assumed into Heaven. ""Mary's House"", the house where Our Lady was supposed to have lived, has become a huge pilgrimage site over the last years with over 1 million visitors each year. There Christians and Muslims pray together. The viewer meets Fr. Joe, a Capuchin Franciscan Friar from Malta and historian, who, having spent seven years at Mary's House as chaplain and helper of pilgrims, acts as spiritual and tour guide through the ruins of Ephesus, Church of St. Mary, St. John's Basilica and Mary's House.
Some of the prilgrims give examples how they felt when first coming to Mary's House and how it allowed them to experience a special closeness to Our Lady."

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