Asia Close Up (I) – Children of the Earth Series

This video features the life of Satomi Tamura, a 13 year old girl from historic Kyoto, Japan. The program follows her and her friends at school as they study English and character painting. Her parents and home life are presented as well as her visits to a cementary and to a nearby Shinto shrine. Special note is made of the value Japanese place on education.
(14 min.)
Sok Thea, a 13 year old Cambodian boy, lost s leg to a land mine as he tended his family's cows. The program follows him as he srtuggles to use his new prosthesis. You visit his family and get a rare view into rural Cambodian life. Sok Thea is one of thousands of people maimed or killed in the aftermath of the country's genocidal civil war.
(14 min.)

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