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67 av Van Sever
Wezembeek Oppem
The film "All of Us" that I directed and produced, addresses the issue of “living together” in our societies”. However, going against the grain of the narrative discourse widely conveyed, this documentary aims to be a source of inspiration by showing the stories of women and men who, in the four corners of the planet, dare to take the step towards the other, and whatever the existing tensions or prejudices. Our quest has taken us to Senegal, Lebanon, Indonesia, the United States, and Bosnia, from where we have brought back these astonishing tales, which put together, draw a multicultural and nonetheless harmonious world. The words of Mr. Amin Maalouf, an important witness to the shocks of our civilizations, also punctuate our film. Although this film was shot before the Covid 19 crisis, we believe it fits perfectly with the reflections emerging across our countries on how to rethink our society.
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