Nov 27

Mirabile Dictu prizes were awarded


Medjugorje Land of Faith by Pietro Pellizzieri (Italy)

Synopsis: A short movie about a young girl named Angelena Lyaka from the Samia tribe in the 1920’s Uganda. She loved God and chose to live a life of faith and adherence to the Ten Commandments. Her devotion to God led her to make the decision to live a chaste life. Although the African polygamist culture placed a value on motherhood, it did not value the moral choice of chastity. She was martyred for resisting the sin of adultery and defending her faith choice to remain chaste for God.


I Have a Name by Lucia Mauro (USA)

Synopsis: A sight of the Chicago HELP Initiative (CHI) – founded by Jacqueline C. Hayes – and its partners, who empower those in need through access to meals, health services, shelter, adult education, job training and arts. Those who have experienced job loss, homelessness and other challenges tell their own compelling stories, also in the Covid-19 epidemic context. Featured partnering organizations include Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Chicago, Assumption Catholic Church and Old St. Patrick’s Church.


Antonio Olivié for John Paul II is Still Alive  (Documentary – Spain)

  • The canonization of John Paul II has produced more than 15,000 messages of healings or extraordinary events. Two of these cases, involving a mother from Costa Rica and a religious sister from France, have been analyzed by prestigious medical specialists. Their conclusion is clear: There is no scientific explanation for the healings. The documentary analyses these miracles from the protagonists’ perspective and some of the doctors who investigated them. Rome Reports interviews people who knew John Paul II and who claim to have received some special grace through his intercession.


Formation  by John “JP” Kloess (USA)

  • It s a feature length documentary film chronicling the experience of fifteen men as they discern and recount their experience of discernment within the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin. This film comprehensively takes the layman through the stages of formation and explains their purpose within the Franciscan movement.


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