Jul 14

First ever Media Education Online Course in India

The first-ever online course on Media Education in India was organised by NISCORT (National Institute for Social Communication, Research and Training) New Delhi from 17-31 June 2020.

Nine members from Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, North East, Karnataka, Kerala and Nigeria participated in the programme. Dr Magimai Pragasam, the Vice-President, SIGNIS Asia was the facilitator of this programme.

It was a twelve-day programme with a ‘one and a half-hour’ session each day. The programme disproved the views that online sessions are not so interesting and effective. It was surprising to note that some of the participants logged onto their computers fifteen minutes before the session and continued their interactions even after the instruction hours.

The course has not only equipped the participants with needed knowledge and skills to handle ‘media education’ sessions in their local places but also given them the confidence to conduct ‘online sessions’ effectively especially during this COVID-19 pandemic time. 


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