Oct 22

“Young People, The Faith And Vocational Discernment”

Around 15,000 young people from all over the world participated in the pre-synodal meeting for the young people entitled, Young people, Faith, and Vocational discernment” which took place last March 19-24 in Rome, Italy. There were 300 on-site participants and the rest were connected via online link-ups.

Pope Francis, Therefore I urge you, please: be courageous these days; say everything that comes to you; and if you are wrong, another will correct you. But forward, with courage!

As a fruit of the pre-synodal meeting, a document which reflects the realities, experiences, personalities, and beliefs of the young people of this generation was created to serve as a compass for the synod of the bishops as they reflect together in this year’s synod which is dedicated to the youth.

The document consists 15 points which are divided into 3 parts. It expresses the experiences, challenges, and hopes of the young people all throughout the world.

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