Nov 14

A Woman’s Voice: Conversations Of Discernment And Grace

“A Woman’s Voice: Conversations of Discernment and Grace” is a very important and timely documentary, that was released on Easter Sunday 2018 on Salt and Light TV, Canada’s Catholic Television Network. The date was no coincidence: for what better launch date could there be for a documentary about some outstanding and astounding women than Easter? Think of the first witnesses to the Risen Lord – a diverse group of women who first learned the news of Jesus’ resurrection. Their names were Mary of Magdala, Joanna, and Mary, the mother of James as well as the many others who accompanied them (Luke 24:10). Anyone who thinks that the early Church invented its accounts of the resurrection must ask themselves why the Gospels all insist on telling the story of the women who were the first witnesses. What was once believed to be ‘idle tales’ is now a bold, transparent testimony to the resurrection with real historical credibility.