Feb 14

24 Flix 

24 Flix (24flix.com), is a new Netflix style streaming service offering family-friendly content that is free of profanity, sex, nudity and promises all of their content will be a max rating of PG-13.  They also aim to incorporate live streaming during special events such as red carpets, conferences and sporting events.

The New platform will feature movies, documentaries, TV series, educational content and even classic films and shows such as Bonanza, The Adventures of Robin Hood and Superman TV series.  Some of our classics are in the top 100 classics films/tv of all time. In addition to the classics, 24 Flix also produces their own original family friendly content. The Family-Friendly platform will also contain many faith based and Christian titles such as The Gospel according to Matthew, TCS Live (hosted by War Room Actor TC Stallings), Esther and the King, The Christian View (Co-hosted by Over Comer Actor Cameron Arnett) and many more titles for the Christian community.


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